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About Us
  Wonderland Records call 2 Moore's Valley Road, Wainuiomata, New Zealand, home. We've been in the business of selling records, tapes and CD's since 1994 and have built up a huge range of titles by a vast array of artists as diverse as Barabra Streisand, Elvis, Metalica, Nina & Fredick and Joan Sutherland.

   If you're looking for records, tapes, 78's, CDs, DVD titles, music videos,pop posters, pop Tee's, books, badges, post cards and other harder-to-find releases that are either very rare or unique - like Picture Discs, you've come to the right place.

   This website is our Showroom on the internet. To study our Catalogue indepth, you should use the links provided through this site. Just hit the "Back"button on your Browser to return here when you're done.

How To Buy From Us

  Buying your music On Line is easy. It's safe, secure and prompt. We work with a Website that has the best in SECURE SERVER services, GEMM. They take your order, process it and advise us of the title(s) you require. We then confirm to them the availability and p&p costs.
  When you are happy with the result, they instruct us to ship directly to you. Your purchases arrive within a week, right into your letterbox. No worries, no hassles, no parking meters or crowded shops to worry about.
 GEMM provides you a SAFE and fully CONFIDENTIAL service while we provide top quality products and a speedy service.
   This Website is our shop window where you can gain more detailed information about the range of titles and artists we have in stock.  We provide you with links directly to GEMM from here so all you have to do is click on their name when you want to make a purchase or study our current Catalogue. If you'd like to have a look right now, just click on the coloured word here: GEMM   To return here afterwards, just click on the "Back" button or left pointing "Arrow" at the top of your Internet Browser.
                       GEMM accept VISA and MASTERCARD as well as PayPal.


Wonderland Are At NETSOUNDS too !

  We have just joined NETSOUNDS in the UK so now you havetwo SECURE SERVERS to use. Not everyone wants to become a Member at GEMM and we recognize this, hence joining forces with NETSOUNDS too.  To visit us there, click HERE    Or to search our database,
use this Search Box kindly provided by Net Sounds.

SEARCH TIP : Solo artists are listed on our database by surname first, ie: Presley Elvis. Groups are listed as is with only the "The" moved to the end. ie: Rolling Stones The.  Groups with "And" in the name are listed as "&", ie: Gerry & The Placemakers.

SEARCH FOR: by artist by title


They do the searching for you !
  Our latest Database was installed at our Web Site at MUSICSTACK.COM on March 5, 2003 and is fully operational. MusicStack's claim to fame is their unique system where you type in what you are looking for and their Server searches all the Databases, not just ours, it has and finds the Sellers for you. A kind of "Yellow Pages" on the Internet.
Let their Server do the Searching for you.
To visit them just click on the name above or visit our Site at:


Click the link above to go there right now.


Understanding Our Database's Abbreviations

  Due to limiting space, we use abbreviations to impart important information to you. Here is a list of the abbreviations we use and what they mean.

[noc]     Not Original Hole. Larger "Jukebox" hole.
[alt]       Alternative music.
[aust]     Australian Band or Artist. All countries in full or abbreviated,      
               housed in [ ] brackets means Artist's Nationality.
[blue]    Blues music - all types.
[Bx]        Box Sets - usually albums but there are Tape and CD sets
                issued by some top names.
[class]   Classical music - all types.
[easy]   Easy Listening - all types.
[dco]    Disco music.
[gar]     Garage music.
[hse]      House mixes.
[h.mt]     Heavy Metal music - all types.
[jazz]    Jazz music/singers - all types.
[lat]       Latin music - all types.
[oper]   Operas.
[orig]    Original recording - as in film soundtracks.
[prog.r]    Progressive Rock.
[rap]     Rap music.
[reg]      Reggae music - all types.
[r.b]      Rythym and Blues - all types.
[h.h]     Hip-Hop music.
[c.w]    Country and Western music - all types
(nz)(uk)(usa) = Country in (  ) brackets is the country
              where the record/CD was pressed (made).
(pic cover)  Picture Cover.
(p.disc) Picture Disc.
(ep)      Extended play 7" disc.
(post)   Poster.
(Pgm)  Programme ('live' Concert booklet).
(r.m)     Radio Mix.
(?.m)    Mixes. Multiple mix versions shown as (type.m)
              ie: Radio/hip-house/instrumental mixes. Radio mix is the "A"
              side so other two bracketed as 3 mixes (3.m)being the total
              number of mixes on disc.
(P.dj)     PROMO and DJ pressings - often the same thing so
              grouped together. NZ promo/dj copies are often
              blank labelled pressing with artist/title/release date typed
              on a sticky label and attached.In the USA they have properly      
              printed labels because they have to press a lot more than 50 copies.
(rare)    Hard to find so very Collectable.
(v.rare) Extremely hard to find. Very Collectable.
7inch    7" disc - usually 45rpm - also EP.
7in D    Double disc - two 7" discs (included in price).
10inch    Usually 78's but some play at 33rpm.
12inch    12" disc Single.
78    Definately plays at 78rpm.
LP    standard 12' long playing Album.
DLP    Double Album ( 2 discs included in price).
3LP    Multiple disc Sets. Can be 3, 4 or 5 Box sets.
BOOK    A hard/soft covered Book - musical subjects.
B.SET    Box Set Records only.
CASS    Cassette Tape Single.
CDS    Compact Disc Single or EP.
CD    Compact Disc Album.
               You need a computer to play this CD (usually
    Windows 3.1 and 486Mb PC versions minimum but
    we say what the minimum is.
CDV    Compact Disc with extra DVD material.
2CD    Double Compact Disc package (3, 4, 5, 10CD).
POST    Poster (not a record/CD).
TAPE    Cassette tape - Album.
PROG    Programme for a 'live' concert (not a record/CD).
VID    Music Video Tape.

In dealing with pre-loved items, a universal standard of
grading is required. Wonderland Records adheres strictly
to the GOLDMINE Standard Grading. They are:

MT    Mint copy - 'new' or 'never been played'
NW    New - a newly released Title
Sealed  Vacuum sealed by manufacturer
VG    Very Good
G+    Good - but not good enough to be a VG
G    Good
G-     Good - too good to be graded Poor
P    Poor condition.

For the full descriptions as set out by this Standard, go to the "More Information" page on this website. Click HERE to visit now.